Fashion & Texile

Fashion & Texile
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1000 Ideas by 100 Fashion Designers
Fashion isn't art. The latter can just be admired, while the first needs to be sold. How do designer..
Advanced Fashion Drawing: Lifestyle Illustration
Advanced Fashion Drawing is a practical book showing how to illustrate for the fashion and life..
Advanced Textiles for Health and Well-Being
From medical implants to spacesuits, advanced textiles have the potential to transform human habi..
Basics Fashion Design 01: Research and Design
Basics Fashion Design: Research and Design will lead you through the essential stages of research..
Basics Fashion Design 01: Research and Design: Second Edition
The ability to generate inspired ideas is vital in all creative industries, fashion being no excepti..
Basics Fashion Design 02: Textiles and Fashion
All fashion designers must have an understanding of fabrics and what their properties are to allow t..
Basics Fashion Design 03: Construction
Basics Fashion Design: Construction is the third book in this series. It leads the reader through th..
Basics Fashion Design 04: Developing a Collection
Basics Fashion Design: Developing a Collection guides the reader through the process of developing a..
Basics Fashion Design 05: Fashion Drawing
Basics Fashion Design: Fashion Drawing presents a fresh perspective on the basic principles and p..
Basics Fashion Design 06: Knitwear
Basics Fashion Design: Knitwear provides the reader with the fundamental skills, knowledge and in..
Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear
Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear offers an updated perspective on the shifting and sometimes compl..
Basics Fashion Design 08: Styling
Basics Fashion Design 08: Styling explains how to analyse and translate fashion collections. It emph..
Basics Fashion Design 10: Jewellery Design: From Fashion to Fine Jewellery
Basics Fashion Design 10: Jewellery Design looks at the origins of jewellery and how to assess histo..
Basics Fashion Management 01: Concept to Customer
Highlighting the skills and considerations needed to manage products, this book will also help reade..
Basics Fashion Management 01: Fashion Merchandising
"Basics Fashion Management 01: Fashion Merchandising" provides a comprehensive overview of the fashi..
Classic and Modern Fabrics: The Complete Illustrated Sourcebook
'Classic and Modern Fabrics' is the definitive reference guide to all the major types of fabric i..
Colossal Book of Costumes
This original and fun large-format book contains illustrations of over 300 colourful costumes and ac..
Colour Forecasting for Fashion (Portfolio Skills)
Colour is a powerful selling tool. It is the first thing to catch the consumer's eye in the shop win..
Digital Textile Design, Second edition
Digital Textile Design, Second Edition covers everything students and practitioners of textile desig..
Eco Fashion
One of the strongest trends in fashion is the expression of ecological, social and community conscio..
Embroidered Textiles: A World Guide to Traditional Patterns
This beautifully illustrated book examines the fascinating symbolism behind the motifs and patterns ..
Essential Fashion Illustration
This book's aim is to submerge the reader in the world of illustration. The first section ranges fro..
Essential Fashion Illustration: Color and Medium
From the first rough sketch pursuing the development of an idea into fabric choice and draping st..
Essential Fashion Illustration: Digital: Includes CD-ROM AI/JPEG/PSD
Essential Digital Fashion Illustration is a complete, in-depth tutorial that guides readers step-by-..
Essential Fashion Illustration: Men
First-hand experience and passion for fashion illustration were the driving forces behind the cre..
Fabric For Fashion: A Comprehensive Guide
Fashion is a three-dimensional design practice: clothes need to work with bodies that bend and stret..