Interior Design & Life Style

Interior Design & Life Style
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1000 Interior Details for the Home: And Where To Find Them
This book looks at every aspect of interior detail for domestic spaces. It is designed to appeal to ..
Atlas of World Interior Design
This compedium is a detailed and comprehensive portrayal of the best and newest interior projects fr..
Basics Interior Architecture 01: Form and Structure: the Organisation of Interior Space
The subject of interior architecture currently lacks a detailed and educationally focussed text. The..
Basics Interior Architecture 02: Context & Environment
There are currently few detailed and educationally focussed texts on the subject of interior archite..
Basics Interior Architecture 03: Drawing Out the Interior
Basics Interior Architecture: Drawing out the Interior aims to provide an introduction to the repres..
Basics Interior Architecture 04: Elements / Objects
Basics Interior Architecture: Elements and Objects explores the manner in which an interior space ca..
Basics Interior Architecture 05: Texture + Materials (Basics the Ava Series)
The choice and use of materials in interior architecture and interior design is endless but the appr..
Basics Interior Design 01: Retail Design
Basics Interior Design: Retail Design is a comprehensive guide to creating successful retail spaces ..
Basics Interior Design 02: Exhibition Design
Basics Interior Design: Exhibition Design explores the role of the exhibition designer as a creative..
Bath & Spa
Spas are becoming increasingly common all over the world. In holiday resorts as well as in private h..
Best Designed Affordable Hotel
For a long time, a stay in a well-designed hotel was a costly business. Architectural treats tended ..
Best Designed Ecological Hotel (German and English Edition)
Hi-tech, environmental compatibility and good design are no longer a contradiction in terms. In fact..
Bookshops: Long Established and the Most Fashionable
In the era of e-books and online shops, when the classic book trade has come under increasing pressu..
Cafe! Best of Coffee Shop Design
The design of coffee shops is increasingly on the move. Where cafés have traditionally been viewed a..
Coffee Time: Contemporary Cafés
Today it is no longer a matter of taste as to how and which coffee we drink, as it is even more impo..
Construction and Detailing for Interior Design (Portfolio Skills)
Knowledge of construction and detailing techniques are vital for all students of interior design and..
Cook! Best of Kitchen Design
Kitchens have more and more become a place to spend leisure time; cooking together with friends is a..
Dance! Best of Club Design
In New York, Berlin and Tokyo, night is the new day, and life is celebrated in some of the most unus..
Drawing for Interior Design (Portfolio Skills: Interior Design)
This book covers all stages of visual presentation as part of the interior design process, from earl..
Drink! Best of Bar Design
The design of a bar plays the most crucial role in defining its identity and atmosphere apart from t..
Eat! Best of Restaurant Design
For private dinners as well as for business lunches, restaurants have also the crucial functions as ..
Event Design
This new yearbook series has been produced in response to the growing importance of live communicati..
exhibition design /anglais
The way in which the contemporary exhibition is designed is fast changing - previously aloof cultura..
Fashion Worlds: Contemporary Retail Spaces
Quality of design has been an indispensable component of successful sales strategies since time imme..
Great Escapes - Mediterranean
This title discusses about the mythical and magical mediterranean. It offers information about where..
Green Designed:Kitchen & Dining
"green designed: Kitchen & Dining" presents 40 high-quality products from the realm of kitchen d..
High Density Housing Architecture
"High Density Housing" shows different types of multi-residential buildings situated in urban center..
Home! Best of Living Design
As the focal point of everyday life, living spaces in residential buildings offer limitless design p..
The fruits of a fifteen-year labour of love, this is an evocative and beautifully conceived tribute ..